About me

My music found me in 1997 and has been an essential part of my life until today. As my parents already loved dancing to Yello and Kraftwerk, my entire childhood was influenced by their music – so it seemed reasonable that I, too, started to feel close to electronic music at some point.

The tracks and compilations by DJ Simple, Mind-X, Tatana and Dean were crucial to my personal musical development. On a different level, the impressive raves Energy, Goliath, and Evolution had a significant influence on my feeling for this particular culture.

In 2004, I suffered from health problems and it was my grandma who gave me some Technics turntables and a mixer as a present – and with that also a way to dive into another world. I bought a massive amount of vinyl, mostly house, electro, tech-house and minimal. However, I was missing the melodies and found my way back to trance. Its combination of powerful energy and melodic gentleness has fascinated me ever since.

In the same year, I enjoyed playing my first gigs in Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Austria and I am proud of my first digital compilation “We Love New Trance” released in 2018. Under the same name, I frequently host events with national and international acts in Zurich and surroundings.

The next milestone on my way will be my first own track release – coming soon!

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